Symposium Topics

Banking & Investing

Have you been wondering how to set up a new bank account or unfreeze and update an already existing bank account in Greece? Let our experts put your mind at ease and guide you through every step of the process to finally resolve any banking issues you may have. Find out about the existing legislation and capital controls when it comes to send to or receive money from Greece. Our speakers, with their expertise and knowledge will answer all your questions and provide helpful tips.

Greece Real Estate Opportunities

If buying or selling property in Greece has been a daunting task before, let us help you. A professional real estate agent and certified property appraiser based in Greece will reply to all your questions and explain in detail what steps are necessary. Investment and business opportunities shall also be addressed as a result of the growing demand for property and other kinds of investments in Greece currently.

Taxation & Related Issues

Being a dual citizen (Canada and Greece) may create tax related issues unless they are taken care of properly. Learn about the process of applying and receiving a Tax ID No. (ΑΦΜ) in Greece, when and in which Tax Authority to file your annual tax declaration and what to do if you have never filed tax declarations in Greece before. Our expert accountant and financial advisor will explain in detail all provisions of the existing Tax Treaty between Greece and Canada and how it can be implemented in your individual case.

Estate & Inheritance

Are you an owner of property in Greece and wish to include said property in your will? Are you aware of the legislation and process for accepting inheritance? Rest assured as our partner from Greece, a lawyer specializing in these issues, will provide all the necessary information on how to accept or transfer property in Greece. Find out how to proceed with your estate planning so that your beneficiaries may avoid problems in the future.
Also, topics related to acquiring the Greek citizenship and a Greek passport shall also be addressed.