How do you avoid inheritance issues in Greece? Handling these disputes is difficult as it is, forget dealing with them overseas. Unfortunately, inheritance issues are inevitable. Whether there is real estate property to deal with, finances or valuable items to receive, there is always some sort of problem. Even if there is little or no wealth at all, there can be many disagreements amongst family members.

So, how do you go about this problem? To avoid inheritance issues in Greece, preparing ahead of time is crucial. These are some important points to consider:

  1. Include a No-Contest Clause
  2. Discuss the Reasoning
  3. Make Lifetime Gifts
  4. Treat Children Equally
  5. Update Your Plan
  6. Defend the Will
  7. Contest the Will
Of course it is hard to organize these points once your relative is gone. Therefore, advance planning is required. To avoid these inheritance issues, the first step is to find the right notary. Our prominent professionals in Greece can assist you through the process.
Notarize documents

Notarize documents

At this years’ symposium, inheritance issues is a primary topic.  Our legal advisor and notary can answer all your inheritance related issues.

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